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Re: Can you Hear Yourselves?

mnymaker said:
Would you listen to yourselves. I don't have a 'Lade but everyone is saying how pointless the vehicle is. None of you drive your other Caddies because they are ugly or because they serve some specific purpose only. Everyone on here is swapping tips on how to make them look better or go faster or ride smoother. So whether someone buys an Escalade and drives it to the grocery store or jams 22's on it and lowers it, its their Caddy and thats what they want theres to look like or do.

It not an issue of if you would but 20's on yours or not, just like its not an issue to the Escalade drivers if you are reprogramming the computer in your Seville, Fleetwood or Deville to hop up the horsepower to some ungodly rating. Not every Caddy on this board is a daily driver (so how useless is that?) but you still cherish it cause its your baby. Lets not hate on those folks who can afford what they want also.

Hope I don't isolate myself on the board but I don't think you guys were hearing yourself bash other Caddy owners for loving their rides too.
Cheers to that.

1 - 1 of 119 Posts
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