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To stagger or not

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Has anyone staggered their wheels?

So after a week of going through hundreds of rims and using MS paint to see what they would look like on someones car I finally settled on Lexani LSS-10. The only thing I'm not sure of is to stagger it or not. Does anyone have pictures of their rides staggered?

Also are these specs correct:

20 x 8.5
offset +38
Bolt pattern 5x115
Falken FK452 245/35/20 rubber

Here's the rim and my MS Paint skills putting them on someones car lol.


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it will definitely look sick with those rims on it...but to question to stagger or not is really simple, since this car dont provide much power, then staggering is only for looks. so if you want a nice powerful look, then go for it. if you want to be able to rotate your tires properly and save some dough and treadwear, then dont stagger
they will look great staggered, i am not going to lie...but to be reasonable here, the purpose for staggered wheels are for those guys needing that extra grip in the back, and the only reason to do it on this car is just for looks...

but hey man, i am all for the staggered look, just because it does look extra sick, but to me it just isnt worth it on the CTS
you can put a 20 x 10 back there with a 255/30 for it to fit, but make sure you have the perfect offset which is +38 to +42 and i highly recommend rolling your fenders
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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