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To stagger or not

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Has anyone staggered their wheels?

So after a week of going through hundreds of rims and using MS paint to see what they would look like on someones car I finally settled on Lexani LSS-10. The only thing I'm not sure of is to stagger it or not. Does anyone have pictures of their rides staggered?

Also are these specs correct:

20 x 8.5
offset +38
Bolt pattern 5x115
Falken FK452 245/35/20 rubber

Here's the rim and my MS Paint skills putting them on someones car lol.


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do it! staggard looks great!
Yup!! STAGGERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant rotate, cant lower, and will have to roll fenders, but STAGGGGGGGGEEERRRRRR that girl man, it'll be sick!
why couldnt you lower it if you have staggard rims?
check out the V section, when they buy rims they try to get staggard and they do lower their cars. BMW always run staggard setups, even from stock and they are lowered all the time.
you just need the right offset and tire sizes and correct backspacing.
if the tires fit in the wheel well and the fender has clearance you can lower it.
what specs will you need? no clue about the rear, but im sure the V guys can give you exact numbers.
i have a set of staggard 20s in my garage, im on eibach pro kit springs and if i get a chance ill put the rears on and take a pic. they are 10" wide with 265/30/20 on them...they arent mine but same bolt pattern...well 5x114.3
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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