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Hello everyone, well, first I will say that this is open to anyone, but figured only the people in the area would be interested in going.

Aug. 23-24 at the Grand Am Owners Club that I go to ( They are having a big club meet in Albany. This is NOT limited to Grand Am's though, and I, and a few other people on the GAOC site that do not have a GA are still going. Also one of the members at the site has club ECM (East Coast Motorsports) and many people from that will be going, and most of them don't have GA's

Anyway, bascially it's just a weekend to hang out, have a good time, and see the people that you talk to everyday.

Here is a quick rundown of what's going to happen:

Friday night- get a chance to meet everyone, talk, not too much Friday, as some people wont get there until late or Saturday morning (many people from the midwest, and Canada are coming from the GAOC)

Saturday- everyone will head over to the Lebanon Valley dragway- about $20 and go for as many runs as you can fit in, that should be a fun day.

Saturday night- either go to one of the members' place that lives local for dinner, or go out somewhere.

Sunday- Cruise to Thacher State Park for a cookout and other activities (example: photos, pool, basket ball, volleyball, hiking the famous Indian Ladder Trail, etc.)

It should be a great time, alot of people will be going, There is no entry fee or anything like that, and you don't have to tell anyway right away, but 1-2weeks before the meet, they would like to know exactly who is going.

here is the link to the room dedicated to this meet:

You can read through it if interested (I don't think you have to be a member, although not sure) But if you ARE interested, register and ask questions or let them know if you can make it. I think it would be great if some people from here will be able to go.

Again, it's in Albany, NY, many ways to get there, for me I just get on 87 (I am exit 18) and head north and it brings me right to Albany. If you have any questions, ask me and I can find out, or ask directly at the GAOC.

Hope to see some of you guys there :)
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