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Tires in Boston

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Sox fans:

I recently moved to Boston and I can't find a place that will take off my runflats.
The places listed on tirerack won't. They either don't do runflats or can't work on 18" wheels.

Any suggestions?

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Do what I did. Move away from Boston. But I am still (sort of) a Sox fan, though our new local team the Nationals are growing on me, somewhat like a fungus.
You should still bring your car to Lindsay for service. 16 hours of driving and $100 in tolls is a small price to pay......
Did you call NTB? I think there is one in Framingham or Natick? Here in the DC area there are about 5 NTB's, but only one of them (greenbelt?) will handle runflats. I don't know if it is because only one of the stores have the "superjammy" machine, or because only one store has the expertise. did you call the caddy dealers? Lindsay and Moore both handle runflats here, at competitive prices.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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