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Tires for the track / tire pressure Mickey Thompson

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Just ordered these for track: anyone have better times with these:

Any suggestions on tire pressure ideas?

How do I get the tire Pressure sensor to turn off?
If I drop the tire pressure below 24lds I can’t turn of the tracktion control. I don’t even see a fuse for it.
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I haven't looked for an ATS specific solution. I've seen people create a pressure chamber using PVC pipe and a screw on lid. On the other end, drill a hole and add your basic air valve that's $2 from the auto store. Put the sensors in the pipe, close it up tight, inflate to between 26 - 40 lbs. Put it in the car. Sync up it up and your good to go.
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Regarding pressure, its hard to know because your mods are different from most. Start on the high side, maybe around 22lbs. Then see if it hooks. If it doesn't go down 2 lbs and try again.

the tires may not stick the first time out without a good heat cycle.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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