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Tires for 2002 STS

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:eek: RATS !!! 10 minutes before leaving on a 440 mile trip, noticed that the left front was low. Filled it back up with a small compressor, went to local Western Auto. No nails or screws in the tread, so we pulled the wheel/tire and sprayed the outside sidewall with soap solution. Small bubbling crack aboout 3/4" out from bead area, many other shallow cracks all around. Rotten sidewall. Had to leave so took the truck.....Came back last night, tire still at 35 psi. Whazzup??? Checked the crack, still there, but leaked when picked with fingernail. Soooo.....back to WA at 0730 this AM and installed 4 Cooper CS4 V-rated 235/55/17 tires. Hunter Road Force balanced, (twice), 60,000 mile tread warranty, a 45 day "If you don't like 'em, we'll take 'em back" guarantee, free rotation/balance/plug for life, and all for $635. Just came back from a 75 mile country road run and am very shakes or shimmy, quiet, and very "sticky" all the way up to 110 mph. Never really considered Cooper tires, but liked what I found on their site. FYI........
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