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Tires do make a difference

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I just had the run craps replaced with the Avon 551 A/S tires today. The dealer took 2 1/2 hours but my rims didn't suffer any damage and it only cost $40 to have 5 tires mounted/balanced.

The ride is different as night is to day. No jarring impact when you go over anything resembling a bump. Yes, you lose some initial turn in and they feel a little more lose. I had to go the A/S route because I live in Utah and the white stuff will start falling in about a month. The V is my daily driver.

Thanks for the great advice!! The tires are fantastic.

Thanks for your post about the stock jack equipment.

When it all comes down to the cost, I bought 5 new tires, 1 OEM rim, 1 TPS and mounted them for around $1250 or around $150 cheaper than replacing with OEM tires. I also heard these tires last 2x as long, which sadly to say isn't that hard to do.

Time for a small road trip in the mountains tomorrow to see how the new tires handle. I have to make it up there before the white stuff starts to fall anyway (you can't say that word around here otherwise you'll wake up with 6-8 inches of that stuff).
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I changed to GSD3's 245 front 275 rear on stock rims.

They are certainly more 'comfortable', but i really miss the perfrmance of the EMT's. The car handled a LOT better in my estimation. Before it was on rails. Now it is still very good, but not great. I'm not sure if it it the GSD3's, going with such a wide tire on a small rear rim, or both.

Anyway, I'll probabaly reassess by tire options whe I need new rears.

Good luck,

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