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After getting such a sweet deal on the optional GM wheel group buy, I was wondering. Collectively, we must go through a lot of tires. Do you think there is a chance of us getting a better deal if we contact a distributor or something? There are probably only 5 or so different sets we all use. I'd buy 2 sets at a time if need be. I can't be the only one burning them up. Granted, 140 a tire ain't bad for Falkens at edge racing.
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great idea!!! i get 6-8k miles out of tires, this translates to every 6-8 mos. my wife is gettin pissed. great idea maybe someone at edge or tire rack, hint hint will step up.
or Discount Tire Direct...they have always had great prices, free shipping, and have always been friendly to forums :) I believe they are a sponsor over on the "other" board...
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