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Tire Size with 20" Rims?

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Hey, I want to get rims for my 99 ETC, but I'm not sure of the tire size with 20s. I know for 18s its 245/45/18, does anyone know what 20s would be? Thanks in advance.
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Yea, my stock tire size is 225/60/16. I've been looking on CarDomain and stuff to see what other people have put on their Eldos. The most common sizes I have seen is 245/35/20 or 255/35/20. Tire Rack recommends 245/35/20, but I'm gettin the rims Tuesday and will probably goto the tire shop on Friday and see what they say for tire size. I want to get the 255s more so than the 245s so the car can handle a little better than with the skinny (for this size of car) stock tire size it has.
Hey, jus got the rims today, I went to the tire shop so they can order the tires. The size they recommended and that I got were 245/35/20s. I got Nitto 555s. I'll be sure to post pics when I get them on.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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