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Tire Size with 20" Rims?

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Hey, I want to get rims for my 99 ETC, but I'm not sure of the tire size with 20s. I know for 18s its 245/45/18, does anyone know what 20s would be? Thanks in advance.
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215/40/20 or 245/35/20 are the closest you're going to get to stock tire height...

285/30/20 would be close but impossible to actually do, would get great traction though.
sjwoodruff said:
I believe the OEM tire size for your Eldo was P235/60/16, correct?
225/60/16 was stock on my 95 and on 98s, I wouldn't think they changed it for 99.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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