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Tire recommendation

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My '06 STS RWD N* 1SG needs new rubber. I have picked up on hearsay that these days it is wise to stay with factory equipped tires as the car is designed around them. I have the Michelin Pilots on it now and was hoping for something a bit stickier and perhaps softer on the ride. Not sure those 2 go together. Comments?
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... or the front size if you prefer a quieter, more compliant ride.

You don't say what model Michelin's but most turn to rocks sooner than they should (IMHO). We are real happy with our Conti's; DWS & DW.
255/45R18's don't rub on the front.

Experienced member engineers claim performance considerations led Cadillac to equip the higher trim level STS's with 17" & 18" staggered setups. Others say it was a marketing decision.

Either way, IMHO most of the Michelins are over-rated.
The only OEM tires I ever re-fitted were the Goodyear Eagle GA's on my '93 Buick Roadmaster Limited.

They really suited that beast and 3 sets (minus the spare) took it most of the way to the moon; 200,000 miles! I cheaped out after that when my local guy convinced me to mount Firestones. They were OK but by that time the car was getting geriatric. I gave it to Bart Starr's Rawhide and made more on the tax deduction than I ever would've otherwise. (Now, it's the receipted proceeds.)
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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