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Tire recommendation

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My '06 STS RWD N* 1SG needs new rubber. I have picked up on hearsay that these days it is wise to stay with factory equipped tires as the car is designed around them. I have the Michelin Pilots on it now and was hoping for something a bit stickier and perhaps softer on the ride. Not sure those 2 go together. Comments?
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I have an 06 STS V8 with the staggered setup (18in wheels). Came with Michelin's from the factory. Replaced them with Pirelli PZeros this past summer. The Pirellis offer a much more compliant ride - i think you lose a bit of the tight cornering as a result. They seem stickier as well - not something I would use in snowy conditions, but seem to get the job done our Pacific NW rainy weather..
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