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Tire recommendation

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My '06 STS RWD N* 1SG needs new rubber. I have picked up on hearsay that these days it is wise to stay with factory equipped tires as the car is designed around them. I have the Michelin Pilots on it now and was hoping for something a bit stickier and perhaps softer on the ride. Not sure those 2 go together. Comments?
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The Mich's I have on there now are Pilot HX MXM4.

I do not understand why the width is staggered. And I didn't realize you could go with one size or another (non-staggered). Why did Cadillac make them staggered? If I put the 50 profile size as on the back, on the front would they rub at all? BTW, I prefer good handling over comfort - why else own a 1SG??? :)

My son is recommending BF Goodrich G-force Sport Comp2 because they are popular on Vette's. Anyone have experience with them? Both the Conti DWS and BF Goodrich are about the same price, less than the Mich's.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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