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tire pressure monitor system

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Had a bad tpsm on my 2007 sts left front. Had it replaced and now I have no reading on the left front but other three sensors are reading correctly. Got my owners manual out to see how to match the new sensor with the system. It all seems pretty straightforward. Went through the steps listed on page 436 & 437. For some reason I am not smart enough to know I now have a reading on the left front sensor I replaced and no readings on the remaining three tires. I have tryed to go through the complete set up, but for some reason I am only able to set up the left front and then the process stops. Would be very thankful for any help, don't have any hair left to pull out


Now when I try to match up the sensors after step 4 on page 436 I get two horn chirps instead of one horn chirp and can do nothing further.
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I think a TPMS tool is well worth the price. After all, they are now required; we will be messing with these things forever!
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