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Road force is a big issue w/ tires
Equipment such as the Hunter GSP9700 does an excellent job of measuring wheel runout, and of finding the low point of the wheel (for runout) and the high point of the tire (for radial force variation). This allows the tire to be matched mounted to the wheel for lowest tire/wheel assembly force variation.

The machine will simplify this process into easy steps. The following assembly radial force variation numbers should be used as a guide:

P-Metric tires of passenger cars
18 lbs or less

P-Metric tires on light trucks
24 lbs or less

LT-tires on light trucks
30 lbs or less

This is what GM says are standardsfor road force, and warranty purposes. I have replaced many tires on those new H3's. Some trucks would get a whole set straight from the factory.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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