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Ok, I just replaced the alternator on a 97 deville..... let me tell you I rather hear my girlfriend complain all weekend than do that again

anyways.... it comes out the bottom, and even though it may seem like it wont fit, it will

Remove the battery, and the left cooling fan, this will allow better access to the bolts, and make it easier to get that sucker out

COVER THE RADIATOR WITH A PIECE OF CARDBOARD!!!!! this was the only way I was able to get the alternator off, with out puncturing it.

its going to take a some pressure against the a/c lines and the radiator, but at one point I was so pissed that i didnt care about breaking anything, so I pressured it out some more, and after almost getting hit in the face it dropped right out (add amount of pressure against the radiator at your own risk!!!!! i got lucky not puncturing it.) the hardest part I found was getting it past the bracket that holds it and an a/c line.

This sucker is heavy so be careful not to risk getting hit in the face!!!!

just so you know ahead of time, the part is this big O, and the area it is removed out of is like this big O . only way i was able to get it out was with the pulley facing the ground. good luck to anyone trying this R&R. be patient
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