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Tinted & Painted Tail Lamps

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share some pics of our work from The pics are of lamps I did for my 04 EXT. One set is a tu-toned tint and the other is a combo tint & painted lamp. You can go to the above website to purchase the service or they will also be sold (later this weekend) outright on my other site under the Escalade accessory page. I am also considering starting a exchange program for people who cannot give up the use of their truck for any amount of time. Feel free to email or PM me for details and cost.


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Cant you just post up a price for the swap? Instead of everyone having to pm you, just post it.
To buy the EXT tails outright it is.

1. $225 plus whatever tint service you choose.

2. Exchange ( core program EXT) $200 plus whatever tint service you choose. Upon receipt of your undamaged used tail lamps you are given a credit of $150. This service cost you an additional $50 for the convenience of no down time on your truck.

3. To buy the Escalade & ESV tail lamps outright:

1. $300 (new) plus whatever tint service you want.

2. Exchange program $275 plus your tint service Upon receipt of your used undamaged tail lamps $225. credit.

3rd brake lights are not available in the exchange program. They are available for sale outright with a 15% discount of oem list.
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Just get YOUR own taillights done and it will be cheaper, rather than buying brand new taillights.
Can you take a picture of the complete back view, (with both tail lamps) with the white diamond colored tint. also what tint is in the pics above? light medium or dark
Per your request, here is a shot of the back of my truck. The tint is medium.



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Okay I want a set, with medium tint, does the white diamond match though, also how do I exchange the top brake light, plus price?
The white diamond is extremely difficult to match without having a painted part of the vehicle there. (gas lid door) If you notice the compartment doors don't match the body and the tail gate doesn't either. The problem is that there isn't alot of paint on these trucks from the factory and there are many variations to the color. Mine is not a perfect match. They match the compartment & tail gate but not a perfect match on the body. All the bolt on parts are painted separate from the main body Honestly as good of a painter that I am I don't think I will ever get them to match perfectly, but I'm going to try. This week I plan to paint my bed covers and I plan to redo the lights ( I'm a perfectionist) The 3rd brake lights are about $130.00 plus tinting. I haven't had enough request to have an exchange for these yet. I'll post some pics when my bed covers are painted.
I have a white diamond gas door I'm about to list on eBay for about $35 if someone wants to send a 'color sample' along with their taillights. Then they'll have an extra gas door afterward to do something funky with. Entire assembly.

eBay username = cardio-doc
Good idea but remember to get the best possible match I would require the gas lid door off the truck the tail lamps are going on. If somebody wanted to buy cardio-docs gas lid door that door would have to be installed on the vehicle and the original one sent to me.

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