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Timing cover missing fastener issue

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Hello forum members,
Perhaps someone has a clue about my issue. I am a DIY type a guy.
I'm in process of doing a timing chain job on a 2008 cadillac cts.
I am currently at the "put everything back together" state.
I have replaced the chains, tensioners, guides and put the timing cover back on, however there is one fastener that is missing and I not sure if its supposed to be there in the first place. (see pictures)

The hole seems to be for a 13mm fastener (possibly m8 thread) and goes into the timing cover, however I don't quite understand what its for, and should there be a fastener.
From my understanding, the area on the inside of the timing cover at this particular spot does not come into contact with oil or coolant.
The RTV sealer bead pattern isolates this area.
So should there be a fastener or not?
Does anyone know?
Perhaps someone could take a picture?

Thank you.


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That's the bolt hole that is used to properly remove the timing cover from the front of the engine block, a built in press.
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There's nothing to fasten. You didn't take a bolt out of it, that's why there's still a hole there. Instead of prying on the timing cover to remove it, you screw an appropriately sized bolt in that hole after removing all of the retaining bolts, in order to press the cover away from the engine block.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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