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Timing Chain code on/off

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My issue is very similar to the thread below. Timing code has been shown on for a week and off for a week in a trend that has lastest about a month. Got an oil change at dealership while code was off then it turn back on a few days later. Technical thought the timing chain tensioner could be off. I feel repairs are imminent but need advice. Currently 190kkk daily driver (!!!)
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You can drive it in its current state for a period of time, but I believe you're just prolong the inevitable.
Given the symptoms, mileage,and testimonials of others with similar situations, timing chain replacement was the solution.

Have you checked to see if you qualify for the special coverage and if so, is there any time left?
@Long I’ve read about the special coverage but I dont know how to find out if I qualify. I also purchased a service package from the dealer that should cover it but I’m not sure what the terms are if drivability seems unaffected. Making a few phone calls today.
Call the dealer with your VIN or check it out yourself on
Just know that if the code P0008 is not recorded, they will not proceed with repairs.
The coverage is 10yrs/120,000 so you're close on the mileage, but even if you did qualify, depending on your in-service date your time may have expired.

**Even if the code has been cleared, it may still show up in history.**
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