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Usually the timing belt is not the culprit.
It is the tensioner going bad and letting the belt slip or skip.

The Saab 9.5 V6 has basically the same engine and failure of the tensioner at
less than 60.000 miles are not unheard of.

If I recall it correctly, Opel wants you to change the TB for the Catera at 100.000 miles. I would rather do that job at 60.000 miles.

For all the people complaining about TB failure in Cateras, just read about
TB problems in the Audi A4 1.8T or VW Passat 1.8T.

It can usually be avoided if the owners are willing to pay the $600.-- or so
for this job. But then again, lots of secondhand Catera owners don't have that kind of money or rather spend it for some big wheels instead of necessary maintainance.:rant2: :rant2:
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