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Timing Belt Replaced at Local shop ISSUES!!!! PLEASE HELP

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Hey Guys,

Took my car (03 CTS 3.2L Luxury sport 170k miles) To get the timing belt and water pump done. As well as the Cam seals replaced (they were leaking). $900 job.

Anyways, I dropped my car off last thursday and they said it be done by closing time. Unfortunately it is now monday and the car is not done. They are saying that a Cadillac specialist is coming to the shop this morning with a ECU reprogramming tool that they need to Flast the ECU and reprogram it before it will start.

They replaced the Belt and did the service and it wont start. I thought this was because they put the belt in wrong, but they double check (took it apart and redid it) to find that that wasnt the problem. I thought it was the wiring harness or something. Any thoughts? I have never had a problem with the car not starting. I drove it in... Im just pissed at this point.

Anyone have any experience with the timing belt replacement and it not starting??????? :bigroll::bigroll::rolleyes:
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I didn't have to program mine after. Either the timing is off or something is unplugged somewhere. Hopefully not the timing or they might be buying you a new engine
what ever became of this,???? i did mine myself even rebuilt my heads never had a problem with "starting" or "re programming" anything, sounds like a dummy problem to me,...... lol
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