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Timeserts good for the WOT tune-up?

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ok so just did the timesert thing for my buddy last weekend, and mine before that, dayum that'll never get old...and i was just wondering if the WOT tune-up is still a good idea for timeserted engines. he drives his around like a girl :tisk: but i did clean all the carbon out of his motor, should i still suggest regular WOT on ramp accels, or not? i rebuilt my entire motor so i think im good to go even tho it has been timeserted, and have already begun the WOT accels regularly.:alchi: both advice for him and i would be greatly apriciated.


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thanks rangr

:thumbsup: The thread insert procedure actually strengthens the top end/head/ gasket area. WOT cleans excess carbon buildup from the piston crown, regardless of the mechanical aspect of engine operation. In an earlier N* the Timesert procedure is just a good piece of insurance. Don't unnecessarily beat on the engine, but take Ranger's advice and give it a workout once in a while. Google "gasoline additive techron" and form your own opinion from the available Chevron/Shell/Texaco literature.
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