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Tie rod ends

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I just tried searching for this but nothing came up which I thought was odd... Dunno if the search is down or if this really hasn't been covered...

The shop said I need a new tie rod end. Not sure if it was inner or outer, I'll find out tomorrow. But is there a suggested brand as far as tie rod ends go? Also does anyone know of a thread or page that documents how to do it and how long it should take?

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Don't recall anyone posting on tie rod ends. Not very common, but not to say they don't wear.

Either wait for someone else to chime in, subscribe your car to for 3 years (more info and manuals than you'll ever need), or check eBay for a Helm/GM Factory Service Manual. Forget Chilton's or Haynes.....too generic.

Take a look at your car parts in Click on the little part pic or the (!) icon for a larger view.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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