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Thumb Drive Playlist File Format: Help Needed

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Hey folks -

I've been experimenting with the MP3 player in my new V. Specifically, I have a USB drive packed full of MP3s, and I'm trying to write playlist files. Unfortunately, I can't get the audio system to recognize the files. Keep in mind, I'm doing these by hand, so I'm quite sure I'm screwing something up. :)

So, questions for any of you that are using thumb drives in your newer CTSs:
1. If you have a playlist on your thumb drive, can you open it in a text editor (like Notepad on Windows), and cut and paste the first 10 or so lines from it?
2. What's the filename of the playlist?
3. Is the playlist file in any special directory on the thumb drive?


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I have had luck as follows:
Make sure the thumb drive has no other files or directories
I then copied the mp3 files to the drive-again I did not create any/ or have any directories or subdirectories

The file transfer went really smooth.
I have had luck as follows:
Thanks, but that actually didn't answer my question. I don't have a problem getting the USB thumb drive to work. And I have directories and subdirectories on it. The stereo reads the MP3s just fine out of the directories.

What I'm specifically asking about is playlist files on the actual thumb drive. Does the car support them, and if so, how are they formatted?


What I'm specifically asking about is playlist files on the actual thumb drive. Does the car support them, and if so, how are they formatted?
OK, for what it's worth, I actually figured this out. Turns out, it was a PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair). The stereo handles playlists on CDs, DVDs, and thumb drives differently than it handles them on iPods. On the latter, there's a button at the bottom of the Nav screen that says "Playlists", and pushing it takes you to the list of playlists on the iPod. I ASSumed that the same thing would happen with the other music sources.

I ASSumed incorrectly. Turns out, the owners manual kind-of hints at how the playlists on the other sources are handled. But it isn't clear enough. It says something like, "Playlists are special folders that...." The key word in that sentence is "folders". I never thought to look in the "FOLDER" button on the Nav screen, because playlists are files, not directories. But, as it turns out, the stereo system treats those playlist files (in M3U format) as folders.

Hit the "FOLDER" button, scroll to the very top of the list, and voila, there are the playlists.

Works like a champ. The playlist file format follows the standard M3U format:


#EXTINF:465,Song Title
Directory1\Directory2\...\01 Song Title.MP3

#EXTINF:325,Song Title2
Directory1\Directory2\...\02 Song Title2.MP3


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