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hey guys, i havent been here for a while since my 89 but i might be gettin a 95 caddy deville with 75xxx miles mint car but anyways i still got alot of stuff from my 89 if any1 want (not free) but what free right now is the panels (without armrest cus it cracked) but yeah i got maroon 89 caddy devile panels for all 4 doors just pay for shipping and it urs

what i also got that im selling is

the sevice manual 89 caddy deville
wheel locks
tsp sensor
dis. module
ignition module
map sensor
maroon sun visors
oem radio
aftermarket radio with harness so should be plug in and play alrdy
haynes book manual
the org car manual with cover
the stock air intake (whole system)
headlights both of em

get at me at [email protected]

cant wait to get the 95 caddy hopefully lol
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