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Throttle sticks

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Hello, Im new to this site.

I just installed and edelbrock carb and intake, and now my throttle is sticking. Also does anyone have any pics of the linkage with an edelbrock carb on a 472? I have a 68 CDV.


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First off,the two msprings on the Holley is a bit overkill,as I've learned from experience.One of the return springs should work just fine.Now,to address the throttle stick problem:When you installed the Edelbrock,did you check for proper clearance on everything involved with the throttle arm?Here's what you do,pop your hood,and with the air cleaner on,move your throttle and see if anything is catching externally,if so,adjust accordingly.Also,some times you need an air filter housing spacer so that the arm can clear that.Take a pic of your carb for us and it might be easier for us to figure out what's wrong.
Thanks guys...much appreciated. Hooligan, thanks for getting my brain working again LOL, I looked at the flat bar (arm) that holds the rod for the throttle, and it is touching the block. When I give it just a little bit of gas and the motor torques over a bit, and I release the gas, the arm hits a part of the block that sticks out, leaving the throttle open just enough.I bought an extention that brings the arm and rod back to the firewall a bit.....problem solved!

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks again guys
No problem.Dealt with that p[roblem before on my old '73 Coupe.
The factory uses double springs for safety. Some are lighter than others so if Matt's is too stiff you can get some weaker ones.
The problem is,with aftermarket throttle return springs,they have a lot more tension than the stock,which over time puts a lot of stress on the throttle cable,which would eventually wear it down to the point of where it could snap while driving.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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