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Throttle sticks

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Hello, Im new to this site.

I just installed and edelbrock carb and intake, and now my throttle is sticking. Also does anyone have any pics of the linkage with an edelbrock carb on a 472? I have a 68 CDV.


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Thanks guys...much appreciated. Hooligan, thanks for getting my brain working again LOL, I looked at the flat bar (arm) that holds the rod for the throttle, and it is touching the block. When I give it just a little bit of gas and the motor torques over a bit, and I release the gas, the arm hits a part of the block that sticks out, leaving the throttle open just enough.I bought an extention that brings the arm and rod back to the firewall a bit.....problem solved!

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks again guys
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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