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randango said:
anyone know where i can purchase a kent moore thread repair kit for a 4.6 northstar (j-42385-500)
thanks randango
Theres a couple of different kits available. They may be available on eBay. Hopefully because they are not cheap.

Try Kent-Moore at 1-800-GM-tools


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Hi, I assume you want the head bolt thread repair kit.

I got mine from Time Fastener Co., Inc.

J-42385-500 (with 10 Inserts $294.00
Extra Inserts ($2.58 x 10) 25.80
Shipping (NV to CA) 6.42

While I did not want to have to do my head bolts, they put together an excellent kit and were very prompt in shipping it.

Just follow the directions carefully and it is a pretty straight foreword procedure.

Cleanliness is VERY IMPORTANT! to a successful job.

You will need compressed air to properly blow out the holes as you work them.

If you want any more info on how to do it, drop me a note and I will give you a little more detail.

Good Luck, George

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