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Those that owned Vettes, T/As, GTOs and Camaros

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Didn't they have traction control? I was taking a guy for a ride the other day who was explaining to me he had a friend that sells Cadillacs. He was saying that when the V first came out it had a high mortality/ crash rate. I've never herd this. The friend sold two Vs, one got totaled around a telephone pole, the other is fine. He aslossaid the sales guy was telling him that it has different modes of traction control (which we know) and he went on to explain them as on, off with a little room to play, and fully off which makes the car very dangerous. I would agree, I don't really like fully off, I just want the reassurance that it will back me up to ensure I dont total my car.

Anyway, do any of the above mentioned cars have modes of traction control, or tc at all? If not wouldn't it theorectically be all the same as far as ease of breaking the rear end loose and sliding all over?

Maybe the guy was a graduate of the South Harmon Institute of Technology - Sh!t Heads.
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I know that ive driven ta's with traction control before. it was on or off. no middle.
My 2000 Trans Am Firehawk doesn't have traction control. It was an option I believe on the late model F bodies.

Edit: Yup, I was right it was an option.

RPO Code: NW9 Traction Control Electronic
All C5 and C6's have traction control that just regulates wheel slip.
My '99 C5 with the Active Handling package (intro'd in '98 or '99) had three modes, On, Off, and Competitive Driving. Getting into CD mode was a pain in the ass because I think you had to be sitting still and hold the button for 5 seconds or something stupid like that, and it forgot the setting every time you shut off the car.
Active Handling saved my ass on the track a couple of times. In Competitive Driving mode you could get really loose but it wouldn't nanny you until you were about to spin, and then it would save your ass - really un-intrusively and without slowing down much too which was cool. At one point I had an in-car video of hitting some sand or oil from a previous crash in turn 5 at Louden and the car going 45 degrees sideways pretty much instantly, and then the Active Handling straightening it out without even slowing down. It all happened so fast I would have definitely been in the trees without it.

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I have a 2003 Corvette that I track. It has tc very similar, if not the same, to the V. They call it Active Handling instead of StabilTrack. Has the same modes: on, comp mode, off.

F-Bodies had an option for traction control, as mentioned above. It wasn't that great of a system. If it detected wheel spin, you would feel the traction control in your foot. The pedal would kick back at you and it was not very smooth either. The car would jolt. Our system is much more advanced!!! Muhahahahahaha!
my camaro didn't have traction control, it had second gear start :p ...but it was a 6cyl :( so no use for it either way.
One way to find out! :)

I have a C5 with some negative camber up front and I can still make it under steer. Take any passenger car from economy to sports car and the are all designed to understeer. In the rain on slow speed on ramp an slowly turn in and past the point of adhesion and you can play rocking the steering wheel back and forth while maintaining the same driving path. Then unwind steering and slow when the tires are about to grip. Scares the hell out the passengers. :)

Any passenger car with abrupt steering input will rotate the rear around. Regardless of electronic aids.

My 1997 Z28 came with it. On/Off button only. RIP
My 2002 Camaro SS has ASR,
Not a great Traction Control system, basically kicked back throttle & added brake pressure through the anti-lock brake system, I believe just the rear brakes. This was an option I purchased, it can only be turned on or off.

niether of my Camaro SS's had it. (98 and 00 models)

Thanks for all your input. So after driving both types (which ever you had) and the V, is one easier then the other to loose control of?

Fl, you gonna have the LS7 ready for July? I ain't driving 7 hours for nothing.
I had an '02 T/A and it only had traction control to limit wheel slip, no yaw control.

My '00 C5 coupe has the same t/c as my wife's '04 V. I've tested both out and both handle slides the same :)
Thanks for all your input. So after driving both types (which ever you had) and the V, is one easier then the other to loose control of?
Easy one: the one with the shorter wheelbase. I think the C5 is 104.5 inches.

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