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those pics and status on diff swap

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alright so I posted *************** about the viper diff and I said Id post pics. The status on the V is that the diff is gone. heard a clunk when driving hard thursday night and it no longer drives. the ring and pinion has come apart inside the diff. Im putting the V into storage until the viper diff gets here. Here are the pics of the V I will be missing!!

A little dirty in the last pic, but I thought that it was funny with the sign in the background. also looked good next to caddys bigger bad ass
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both.... had the 04 in and it started whining/leaking/clunking on normal basis so swapped it for 06... it started leaking/whining/more whining/more more whining/the radio volume wasnt loud enough/BC powder couldnt fix the headache/then grinding/then KA BOOOOMB/For some reason it wont go forward??? I dunno, not willing to chance the getrag again... gave it two chances, now to Dana. Plus I like the name Dana better!!! Girls name!!! And I love girls!!! hahahaha just shining light on the topic
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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