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This is kind of shocking

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Why is the bid on this guys car so low?

I am trying to sell mine too and seeing this makes me think now or maybe never is the time to be selling these cars at this point, might be better off just driving it into the ground and maybe get another 100,000 miles out of it?

My main deal is I need a car to tow my small boat with and I am starting to really think hell maybe just throw a hitch on the eldo? I also ride a handcycle which is like a 3 wheeled bicycle and I am thinking if I throw a hitch on the car I can get a hitch rack to carry the trike on the back of the car. I would not consider taking less than 5 grand for the one I am selling and I'm thinking if I cant get that, heck just keep the car.
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Yeah, unfortunately these cars don't fetch much when it comes time to sell. Part is the somewhat negative stigma attached to Cadillacs and V8 engines (especially in a time of rising gas prices) and part is just natural for cars of it's age. They've become old enough to no longer be considered new, yet not quite old enough to be considered classic.

This is good if you are looking to purchase one, but really stings if you want to sell yours. Most of this generation Eldorado and Sevilles on the market are great deals for potential buyers.

It will eventually turn around (the Eldorado of this generation in particular is one of the few timeless designs of it's era in my opinion), but it's probably a good idea to sit on it for now.
That car is priced pretty low even for the low resale value of sevilles and eldos. No one is going to win that car with a $3000 bid, the buy it now is set at 6K and i would be reserve is somewhere around 5 - 5500. So dont worry about it so much...if you really want to get rid of it, i would say sell it private party park it around the local high school. High school kids love the idea of owning a llac, just so long as you wont get to upset seeing how trashed it gets inside a year. I dont think 5000 grand is worth selling my 98 SLS which is why i wont, and while 5K would make a nice down payment on something to tow your toys with, youre better off keeping the eldo in my opinion.

Yep, I'll see what happens, that car does not have chrome wheels like mine and is not an ETC like mine either. I think your right that it will not make the reserve and then my Car is next in line 4 hours after that auction ends, so we will see. So many Cars dont make the reserve on ebay it seems like a waste of money to do it that way, thats why I just set a minimum, at least that way people know better where they stand too and cant daydream about getting a like new Eldorado for 2 grand, lol.
I ran a VIN check and it was in a crash, that's why it's so low.
I wouldn't say that most cars don't meet the reserve, it's just that the reserve has to be reasonable. I sold my 2 cars (2001 Ford Focus, 1998 Ford Mustang Cobra) and my 2001 Yamaha R6 within the last 3 months on Ebay, it fetched the highest offers as opposed to local papers or I only had to relist the Cobra once due to a deadbeat bidder. And I always started the auction at $1 with a undisclosed reserve, starting from a preset minimum is a less attractive tactic. Most people that search and have an intention of buing a car know what price range that car runs in, the other fools that bid first usually fall quiet when the amounts go past a certain threshold. There is always someone out there that is going to get it. If it doesn't sell the first time, try again.
I ran a VIN check and it was in a crash, that's why it's so low.
Thanks, that explains it. Figures my car is right behind that one, now everyone is going to think my car is junk.
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