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This can't be.....Wrangler SRT-8?!

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So I was up at Video Update the other day, and as I was walking in, I walked past a new style Wrangler Unlimited, but I stopped for a second to look at the bright orange and black badges on the front fenders...they said "SRT-8. 6.1L Hemi V-8". I didn't know they offered any sort of a V8 in those, much less the big Hemi. So then I checked for anything like this and I didn't see anything on there. So does anyone know if some dealers have wedged in the 6.1L or if there's an aftermarket company that does it or is it just someone sticking SRT-8 badges on a regular Wrangler?

Didn't snap any pics, shoulda though.
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It's a novelity. It's unique. It's a good job. It's nothing I would want for my $57,000 dollars plus tax. I can think of a whole boatload of other cars I'd prefer that offer comfort ! Their names are Town Car Designer Edition, Lucerne CSX, DTS Level III, 1-year old Corvette 'Vert, 2 year old Jag XK8, or an SRT-8 Grand Cherokee Limited. If I wanna bounce around, I'd go on an amusement park ride.
This is a wonderful exercise in "Lookwhat I can build" ~ but not a place i'd want to "live" in as a daily ride. Remember, I'm an old fart, and I like my comfort, convenience, smooth ride and power passenger 8-way seat, for when the wife drives me home from the doctors' :)
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