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Thinking of surprising my wife with an 05 V8 SRX

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Been researching and seems like used 05 V8s can be had for mid to high 30s and new V8s, if found, for low 40s.

Went to a local dealer today and he had one new 05 V8 left. It was as basic as they come. Only had ultraview, 3rd, leather and special paint. Sticker was 53. Would sell for 41. Of course, then I read how somebody else is getting basically a fully loaded 05 with nav, etc stickered at 60+ for only 42, if that's for real.

Don't know if I'll trade in our 98V70T5M or my 00DurangoSLT for it.

Any tips on getting the best price? It seems like the traditional bargaining from invoicing is just out with Cadillac. Maybe cause they're just to over priced to begin with? Seems like everybody is getting the 05s way BELOW invoice.

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Well, right now there's a $6,000 factory to dealer cash that most dealers are dipping into (if not applying the whole thing) to get buyers, in addition to, I think, a regular factory to buyer one of $500.

When you consider invoice is already a couple grand under MSRP, subtract straight from that the $6k and then maybe a little more, the $41k seems wholey acceptable--that IS $12k off afterall.

Don't expect to get a brand new $50k+ Caddy down to the $30k's without even trying, because it's just not feasible. As is, the $41k deal seems great (I mean, THINK about that:yup: ), and I'd just see what you could get them to give for your trade and go from there.
Thanks. Are those 6000+500 incentives also applicable to 2006 models? I'd consider an 06 but only if I can basically get it for invoice + those incentives off. It seems like depreciation is just crazy on these things.

I just priced an 06 V8 AWD,Nav,UltraView,Utility at edmunds and wow, even the TMV is coming in under invoice! TMV was 49,500. Double wow, never seen that happen before. Edmunds doe show the 500 customer incentive. If the 6000 also applies to the 06 models and they'll 'give' most of it , then maybe I could go for an 06.

What are some good 06 deals that you guys have been seeing?

Any special loans or lease offers?

Plus, what other 'fees' can I expect them to hit me with that you are seeing everybody is getting stuck with? For example, in Florida, I know all toyotas have some distributor fee that nobody seems able to avoid. Any thing like that on cadillacs? Ad fee? Paper handling fee?

BTW, now I know why you guys complain about those door sills. They are wide (on the 05)! I saw that they changed the design for 06. Sill is now narrower and just fits inside the edge of the door which now goes lower helping to make the sill even narrower.

thanks again!
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Again according to Edmunds, the '06s have the $500 rebate, but then the factory to dealer one is $2750 instead. The % on the '06s are 2.9% for 36, 3.9% for 48, and 4.9% for 60. Makes sense, because they're one year newer and have new features, wheels, etc.

You are certainly right about the depreciation, though. Is typically huge, because they have to sell new ones at such gigantic discounts all the time--a factor of being overpriced in the first place, for sure.
Hey Augieman-
We had a '98 V70 T-5 also. Only had 55,000. Lots and lots of problems. Was your Volvo good?

I would buy my V8 04 again as far I enjoyment of the vehicle. BTW, a V8 package has some nice extra features..mine had the nice 18' wheels, just the right amount of wood trim and heated seats to mention a few of the items.

As far as getting the best deal. I'd let the dealer know you be willing to go to "out of town" dealers to get the better price. It is a buyers market and upscale SUV customers aren't around every corner.

Check all dealers/inventory within 500 miles. I found a dealer that had a end of year model in the color combo I wanted that was a 150 miles away. They delivered the car to my door step with the paperwork. In an hour the deal was complete (We faxed a few documents back and forth a few days earlier) and I had what I wanted for about 1500.00 less than any of the big city dealers offered.

Be patient:duck:
Djfcars - Ours has 92,000 on it. The first year it was going back over and over, but not really the cars fault, the dealers. It would take them two or three tries to fix something. They'd fix one thing, scratch or break another, etc. We've since moved and have a new dealer now but for the past several years, it's not really gone in for anything. I've been able to fix the little issues here and there myself. No issues ever with the engine or transmission.

Overall, my wife loves it. I have reservations with it. It has it's annoyances. I wish I'd of bought automatic instead of manual. I still may keep it and trade it my durango instead (which has been essentially trouble free).

I'm also looking into 05 and 06 XC90 V8s for any possible good deals. I know she'd be happy with either one. I'm happy as long as it can tow my 3000lb boat. I think it's a big mistake that Cadillac doesn't rate the V6 model with better towing. The acura V6,volvo 5cyl XC90 models all can tow way more than the V6 SRX.
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Hi Augieman-

You had better luck then me-

Our Volvo was trouble from the start. Great dealership for service, never a bad visit. It was the car that was the problem. I almost looked at the XC-90 but was tired of Volvo.

I would buy the V-8 if you plan on towing a 3,000 lbs. Thats just my comment on that. Our SRX is good now, and we like it. I do miss changing the top motor mount on that T-5 motor.:D
djfcars said:
I do miss changing the top motor mount on that T-5 motor.:D
LOL. Yup, done that already. Wasn't that tough. I won't miss changing it.
Hey Augieman! You Too?? And with me, I didn't have a press to make it right. I had to use "C" clamps to install it. It never set in all the way though, just about 1/4" short of being where it should be. I just figured that it would be easier to leave it alone for the next time.

Going to work now, chat later-
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