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Anyone out there in/near the Lakewood NJ area willing to check out a 2005 Escalade ESV Platinum? I would be willing to donate some $$ for your time if your in the area. I don't want anyone going out of their way, just those in the area willing to do a favor for a potential Escalade owner. Would need someone to look at the vehicle, take some additional pics with their camera phone and give me some personal insight as to the condition of the vehicle mechanically and cosmetically. Escalade owners that have this particular model would be ideal since they know what to look for.



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For one those pictures suck, if it's a certified pre owned from a Cadillac dealership it SHOULD be good but not 100%. This particular vehicle doesn't look like its from a dealer and has 4 owners and 1 accident report

New Jersey
Damage Report Accident reported
Involving front impact
with another motor vehicle
Front area primarily damaged

Check the front fenders bumper hood and behind it for any damage and see how well it was repaired. Just know if you decide to TRADE it in they take off quite a bit of money. Few thousand under book value.

Also check for salt water damage from super storm sandy


Looks like during sandy it was in Toms River NJ. Check everything over unplug any connectors under the truck and see if there's any corrosion in there. Excessive rust (even though there should be some from the roads up here) Truck is worth 4899-8,000 for average condition. ( what the dealer would pay) Mileage is high. What your paying for is the "platinum" package. My friend bought an 03 with 140,000 miles for 6,000 last year
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