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Sorry, don't mean to put down anyone with newer Caddies, but this really impressed me.

My '70 SDV has had a cracked passengers taillight since I bought it. Kinda bugged me, but not a huge thing since it wasn't broken out.
Anyways, I got a replacement off a '70 Fleetwood in the 'yard and finally got around to replacing it. That's when I noticed just what construction they put into this thing!
First off, METAL. The fender filler is metal, the chrome surround is nice thick metal. Even the reflector is metal! Not chrome plating, polished metal! The only parts that aren't metal are the lens itself and the gaskets.
Next, everything is bolted together, and comes apart easily. While I was replacing the lens, I noticed that the chrome on my taillight was in better shape. I was easily able to disassemble the entire assembley, switch parts, and put the best ones on my car. It also bolted back together perfectly even though the parts were from two different cars.
Of course, the result of this is that the bumper filler/taillight assembley weighs roughly 6 pounds. No thought of weight reduction was given to this car, and its impressive to see the way they designed things when they weren't trying to make every part cost just a few pennies less.
Needless to say, this has really elevated my view of these cars. Definately a step above the average automotive rif-raff!

Oh, and also I have a perfectly servicable, but cracked taillight that I would be willing to let go to a good home for the cost of shipping if someone is missing theirs. Should fit any RWD 1970 model.
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