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these staggered wheels things are SUPER confusing!

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I have found myself noticing a few strange things since the winter season has started and many people have began swapping their wheels and tires to the winter set. I'm not sure if these are the shops being totally stupid, or if more and more people are switching their rims themselves in their garage... There is a place for staggered rims and tires, THEY ARE NOT TO BE ROTATED! OOH~!MAYBE its more fuel efficient to have small rims on the back!! (just a thought)

1st account: An older woman (mid 60's) driving down the highway in her Mercedes C55 AMG. The 2 small rims on the back, the big ones on the front.

2nd account: A young executive in a BMW 540i sitting at the lights as I pulled up and thought something looked out of place... same thing, Big rims up front, small ones on the back.

3rd account: Yet again, the little old lady with the C55 (about a week later), but this time with her husband...he didn't notice this by now!?

4th account: My girlfriends dad just bought a Jag XK8 this summer, he bought a set of winter tires to mount on the factory rims and the shop that did that somehow got the rims mixed up and put the 245 rubber on the larger rims and the 255 rubber on the smaller rims (he noticed it almost right away)

My Funny story after the fact of all the above occurences- My mother took her MB E500 to OK Tire to get the winters put on (this was done without my knowledge!), the winters are 18" staggered width, just like the summer rims.

She brings the car to our offices and I stepped outside for a cig. I take one look at it, and the car just looked gimped! I then realized that the IDIOTS put the two 265-35-18's on one side and the two 245-40-18's on the other side! I couldn't believe my eyes, I mean, the car just looked retarded! So I told my mom (most girls don't notice these things I guess), and she said she told them specifically that the big rims go at the back (nevermind they charged her over $80 for a rim swap!). :thepan:

So I take the car back there and told the guy my problem, he then tells me that he's 'really sorry, but the guy that did the job was only 17 and they just hired him that week'. My head almost popped off! Was this his condolences!?!?! I couldn't hold it back, so I asked him politely "what the hell are you doing letting a 17 year old totally 'green' kid work on a hundred thousand dollar Mecedes?" Apparently they let everyone work on any car, I'm sure I expressed my frustration enough to this guy so he took the key and he fixed it personally in less than 5 mins!

This world seems to be filling up with a bunch of really dump people that can't seem to do the easieast of tasks correctly... (I still never get a straw at McDonalds drive thru!!!)

Im done
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wow i cant belive tire shops do this! Ive never seen it here in the states, and im very observant of vehicles on the road, especially nice ones.
Most of the times this happens when people rotate their tires. On my last car I had directionals so both sides were different and if I did not tell them to just move the front tires to the rear and keep them on the same side then I would end of with different rims on the same side.

My Rims on my CTS are the same but the tires are directional so I am sure I will have the same problems if I rotate them and do not specify that they can not move the passenger side tires to the driver side.
Damn never heard of directional tires, how can u tell if yours are and if they're on the proper side??
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BishopRuger said:
Damn never heard of directional tires, how can u tell if yours are and if they're on the proper side??
They will say directional right on them. Most winter tires if not all are directional (i think). Theres these little arrows that point the direction the tires are supposed to move while the car is driving forward.

Thanks for the reassurance here... I thought maybe I was just a super anal car freak that notices every error!
Thx, I dont know much when it comes to tires and rims, still learning
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