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Theft system problem - car might not restart

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Good evening. I'm new to the forum & a 2 day old owner of a 97 Eldorado. I purchased it with a dead battery after the car sat for 5 years & prior to buying it, the previous owner jump started it & showed me that it runs & it does run fine. I had it towed home & put in a new battery, went to start it & it just cranks & will not fire. Had tests ran & found that it has no injector pulse & the security light flashes until I turn the key to on, where it then just stays lit but the car will not turn over. There has to be a fix to this issue that doesn't involve having it towed to a dealer to get my pockets ripped a new one. Surely someone has ran into this issue & resolved it. I don't want my new Cadillac experience to be a poor one because I really like the car but the relationship is starting off horribly. Please help this new owner :(.

Thank you

P.S. If someone that knows the fix would like to call me & walk me through it, I'm more than happy to go that route as well.

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Hello. I'm new to this forum & looking forward to getting some education as needed for various issues that I may come across with my newly purchased 97 Eldorado that I just got 3 days ago. I'm actually experiencing an issue with it right now when I changed my battery it triggered the anti theft system & now it won't start so needless to say, my new Cadillac relationship isn't off to a good start. Who here has resolved the theft system problem - car might not restart?

Thank you & glad to be here.

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I had this happen to my 95 Riv and the quickest and probably least expensive solution was to have an aftermarket remote start/alarm installed. Took care of the no start/security issue plus I received all of the benefits (remote start/alarm/door/trunk lock-unlock). It cost about $250 installed. Just an option. Your local stereo shop should be able to do a great job.
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