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Theft system problem - car might not restart

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Good evening. I'm new to the forum & a 2 day old owner of a 97 Eldorado. I purchased it with a dead battery after the car sat for 5 years & prior to buying it, the previous owner jump started it & showed me that it runs & it does run fine. I had it towed home & put in a new battery, went to start it & it just cranks & will not fire. Had tests ran & found that it has no injector pulse & the security light flashes until I turn the key to on, where it then just stays lit but the car will not turn over. There has to be a fix to this issue that doesn't involve having it towed to a dealer to get my pockets ripped a new one. Surely someone has ran into this issue & resolved it. I don't want my new Cadillac experience to be a poor one because I really like the car but the relationship is starting off horribly. Please help this new owner :(.

Thank you

P.S. If someone that knows the fix would like to call me & walk me through it, I'm more than happy to go that route as well.

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Hello. I'm new to this forum & looking forward to getting some education as needed for various issues that I may come across with my newly purchased 97 Eldorado that I just got 3 days ago. I'm actually experiencing an issue with it right now when I changed my battery it triggered the anti theft system & now it won't start so needless to say, my new Cadillac relationship isn't off to a good start. Who here has resolved the theft system problem - car might not restart?

Thank you & glad to be here.

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This sounds like a classic VATS issue... except for the fact (?) that the OP says it cranks.
measure the key pellet resistance, then pull the connector apart for the VATS under the dash Has two fine white wires in a orange/brown sheath, and with the key in the ignition, measure that same resistance at the connector. If the resistance is the same, then it's not a VATS issue. No resistance, there's your problem.
Repair involves either replacing the key tumbler, or bypassing the VATS with a resistor.
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