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Theft Prevention

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What anti-theft devices you recommend to prevent theft of wheels and caps, car, and navigation system?
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1.replace your drivers side outer handle with a regular passenger side handle (no key hole). Even with a alarm as soon as the lock rod reads unlock signal by a falling key tumbler it's deactivates the alarm.
2.fabricate a backing plate on the ECU under the hood on the drivers side near second battery tray. Thief's(really good ones) reprogram ECU's to your vehicle ahead of time, so they have no trouble starting your car. Jump in, pop the hood, swap out ECU, starts right up.
3.second battery option(especially if you are using the #1 option) prevents power cable on the right hand side fender well to be tampered with.
4.a really good alarm with a pager to notify you that someone is messin with your ride. Shatter sensors are good too being they sense certain frequencys that broken or breaking glass produce.
wesyder said:
A revised #1, keep the door handle and disconnect the rod from it as the thief does not use the key hole, they pry between the door and the handle to gain access to the rod and unlock the door disabling the alarm as if the key was being used, however if the remote acts up or the vehicle battery runs down your going to have an interesting time getting into your own vehicle
Either or. Replace or keep(without lock rod). They usually knock out the cylinder, causing the lock rod to push down. depending on the area if they want to pry on it or not lol. The second battery option will take care of a low battery. Just remember to maintain them. Also a back up remote(#2) just in case first remote takes a dump.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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