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The new aluminum wing looks great!!!

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:histeric: haha sorry to disappoint you, if you really wanted to see an aluminum wing. Kinda made a DIY while i was puttin it on. Here's some pics.

no spoiler

fit test

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Thats sic bro! Where did you get it? I think thats my next addition. Looks great!

as soon as i bolted down the spoiler my car appeared cleaner.....

another angle

So if you put on a spoiler it will appear cleaner. (disregard the water hose)
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thanks man, i got it from a fellow member on the forum.
dude, i like your Sig where did you get that ?
Officer, I didn't see who did it but I got their car... it was a black Cadillac with Texas plates Zulu-4-3-Kilo-Golf-Romeo...
Nice addition. You have a very nice car.
You forget i work for the military, Dey send me a letter at least once a month to tell me that they lost my name address and social. and to check my bank accounts and id info.

Edit: mission accomplish SSgt
thanks man, i got it from a fellow member on the forum.
Send me a PM with his info if he has any more
what spoiler is that anyways??? I can tell it's not the factory one just by the way it mounts...looks a little taller to me as well.....looks good though.
Specter spoiler.

Looks good! :)
Aww man, put the tape back on the install so it has that true DIY look :D
Damn..... i knew i was doing somthing wrong.
i think Jon has the same one .. he did a writeup on his website.. got lots of pictures and tutorials..
Looking Good!!!! :thumbsup:
Thanks man.

Next mod: cross drilled rotors, HPS pads, powdercoat calipers red
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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