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The myth of layering

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The myth of layering.

One of the topics talked about when ever I go to an advanced training seminar hosted by one of the big chemical companies is layering. It amuses me to no end how mostly sane people can waste so much time and money by applying layer after layer after layer on their finish. If you read some of the popular forums and read about people that applied 40 layers of wax or sealant on their car, it makes me wonder where these people are getting their information. Here are the facts. (Information supplied are from the chemists themselves who make, formulate and manufacture car care supplies)
When you take a dual stage paint system (base coat clear coat) the actual top layer (clear coat which is non-pigmented paint) is only 4 mils thick, or the same thickness of a piece of paper. The goal is to get the most depth, clarity, and reflectivity, shine as possible, while providing the best protection. Uneducated people looking to get the best results are not only wasting time and product by layering, but are also making the finish dull during the process. The persons who says he has 40 layers of brand X on his finish, might of applied 40 coats, but in the end after all that time and work, he only has 2 maybe 3 layers on his car. Reason is simple chemistry. Lets assume you are using a high quality sealant, not wax. Once you have the first layer down and it has bonded properly, you can apply another layer for this reason. Most people do not get full coverage on the first application, so during the second application you have a better chance of covering the entire surface. Any more applications during a time frame of say a week or so; all you are doing is removing the layer under it. Let’s say for argument sake this doesn’t happen. Layering would make the finish dull and unpleasant to look at. You would be looking at the 40 coats of whatever you used on the finish, so in essence you would see the clear coat through 40 layers of product. Take a piece of saran wrap and put it on your finish, how does that look, kind of yellow?. So since actual layering does not happen, why do people do it? Mainly because other people are doing it that are just as uneducated. Plus, the companies that make that product love you when you waste product. That way you buy lots more products. The people who layer will tell you, Hey look at my car, it has 30 layers and see how it shines!!! First of all, if anyone spent that kind of time detailing their car, of course it will look good. But the truth is, I will put my work up to it with 2 layers and I would bet most judges would pick my car hands down. If most of the people I talked to really understood the fact you could attain the same or better results by spending less time, less work, and less product on your car, they would fall dead in their tracks. When I ask students in my class what would they rather do, spend time driving and enjoying their car, or more time cleaning and detailing it, the answers is always the same. They would rather drive and enjoy it. Gary www.perfectautofinish,com

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Layering can be done with "waxes" that do not contain any cleaners or abrasives, there are very few of them on the market, some waxes that can be layered are P21S and Pinnacle to name a few, synthetic products that can be layered are Zaino and Klasse SG to name a few. :)
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