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What's not to like about this
Some people are against electric/hybrid cars. Pretty neat idea, actually.

(As a tube stereo hobbyist, I have quite a few TESLA vacuum tubes - made in the Czech Republic)


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^ More interesting info, the Tesla factory was purchased from Toyota for a song back in 2009. It used to be the NUMMI factory, where GM and Toyota had a joint venture buiding Corollas, Geo Prism, Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Matrix, etc GM of course pulled out of this joint venture in 2009 during the bankruptcy.

Before it was the NUMMI factory in 1982, it was wholly owned by GM and used to make GMC light duty trucks and the A body(Chevelle, Malibu, Cutlass, LeMans, Skylark, etc)

So thank GM and Toyota that Tesla is independent and financially viable. I was reading a bit about Tesla, they had two proposals to build their own factory from the ground up, but both proposals were too costly and not economically viable. It was a bit of good luck and timing that Tesla was able to acquire this facility in the middle of a recession for a steal at $42 million dollars.
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