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The McLean Wheel--Just plain cool....

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He has been making them for years now.

This one I believe has a Olds/Buick 215 on it. It only does 65 mph or so, not terribly fast, but the cool factor is way high.
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Looks close to that thing on South Park :histeric:
Instant Death-Machine! I LIKE IT!!!

Haha, that does seem like a helluva time...
Ahha! I was just thinking about the SouthPark thing and when I flipped back over to this window to say it you'd already posted! Damn you! :)
Haha, sorry. As soon as I seen it I cracked up...
That thing is cool as hell!
And everyone thinks the idea came from Star Wars....
Didn't I see that thing on South Park? That one looks like it doesn't rape as much......
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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