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So im driving home from school, when it starts saying LOW ENGINE COOLANT on the DIC. immediatly check the temp gauge.......140 (just left school a little while ago). drove about 30 more minutes (including stopping at checkers to get anti freeze) and it never got above 205/207. so i open the hood, let it cool down and come out later, still a little in the overflow, so i put some more in.

drove it later in the day, still comes on. right now the pcm fuse is pulled in hopes to reset the pcm, so maybe it will go away. but i don't think anything is wrong, drives the same and everything

right now im thinking, well dreading, a blown headgasket. but it NEVER overheated, but the light did come on during some "spirited acceleration".

anyway to tell whats going on here?

if it is a blown headgasket, will i see antifreeze in the next oil change? ive read its cheaper to just replace the engine than change a headgasket.

its a 95 aurora btw, 4.0 "northstar"
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