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so i have a Cadillac CTS 2004 3.2L with Automatic Transmission
for the past year i have had the same symptoms as everyone here. fuel and temp gauges suddenly shut off, traction and security lamp illuminating and Service Theft system message, AC disengaging the compressor clutch then engaging again (like when press the AC off button)
however i had one more problem no one seems to have it or pay attention to it, battery draining, whenever i leave it a full day or two the battery will drain badly. i tried to :
Reprogram the current ECU
new battery
checked all voltages from battery, alternator and fuse box. all good and no electrical discharge
however if i disconnect the ECU harness while the battery is still connected no draining even after a full week.
so this made me more sure that ECU was faulty as everyone suggests
got a used ECU and VTD module then programmed them. they gave me a good 4 hours of false hope :cry: then all the stupid symptoms back again
and more frequent too ,fuel and temp gauges suddenly shut off, traction and security lamp illuminating and Service Theft system message add to that now SIR
sometime the radio will completely shut off then turn on again

i have a tech ii available
diagnosing is no help it says lost communication with either ECM OR rarely BCM. and sometimes there are no codes even
i got the online Subscription for SPS to make sure all are programmed to the recent most updated calibrations

should i try another ECU or should i get A new BCM
has anyone actually solved this issue completely
anyone has any suggestion to solve this issue

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sadly not even one reply even though almost 100 views,
anyways i decided to get a new BCM i will update you guys if it works with me. in case anyone faces the same problem as me i know how irritating and confusing it is
i should get it in two weeks

just an FYI the problem didn't appear with me for almost a week now after last time it happened
almost 1000 km i drove it, but somethings stopped working like the driver seat adjustment and the wipers could be irrelevant

but as i read online all the symptoms i had happen when the BCM fails so yeah this is why am getting a new one..
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