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banstyle said:
Hey everyone-

Another question for all of you. My Caddy is telling me that I need to get my pads changed. Now, I only have approx 44K miles on this thing, so it seems the right time to be doing it, but I was just curious about the sensors: does anyone know if you have to change the sensors when you change the pads? Or do the sensors work fine without replacement? Or do I have to replace the sensor that kicked off the alert?

I took the car into a local chain for an estimate- I really just wanted to see what needed to be done, as I'd prefer to do this myself.

Well, they quoted me $910. Yep. 4 rotors, 4 sets of pads, 4 sensors + labor. They claim that everything is "just under" factory spec by .01-.02".

Hmm I say.

So, any thoughts?
I just had my brakes done and you can get breaks with sensors at a store like Autozone but you have to order them. If you want to save 30% off the price they quoted you, buy all 4 rotors, pads, and sensors yourself and just have them charge you labor. I'm sure you'll feel better about getting the breaks done because you'll have paid less for them.
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