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I'm happy to announce that a second product offered by another manufacturer has been added to our product lineup. The GritGuard™ joins the Ultimate Hose Nozzle in our new program to add products from innovative manufacturers other than ourselves that are complimentary to our Concours Towels.

This is an American made product invented by Douglas Lamb. Douglas is a car nut like the rest of us who noticed that grit and dirt washed from the car wound up on the bottom of his wash bucket only to be picked up by his mitt and redeposited on the car, causing swirl marks and scratches. This observation gave birth to the GritGuard™ which fits inside your wash bucket. You simply rub your towel or mitt on the GritGuard™ and it cleans your mitt off and deposits the grit on the bottom of the bucket under the GritGuard™ where your mitt or towel can't pick it up again.

Elsewhere you will find the GritGuard™ for as much as $14.95 but we are offering it at only $9.99

We have fully tested this item and not only does it really work well it is safe to use with our Concours Towels and Wash Mitts and will not damage them.

By the way this is not just for washing your car, it's very handy for cleaning small parts too! Just put it in the bottom of a bucket and you can clean the parts without them sitting in the water or degreaser.

We have the GritGuard™ in stock so get yours now at
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