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'97 Eldorado
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Back in March, I made this thread after someone hit & ran on my 97 Eldorado.

I ended up putting the car as-is up on autotrader, but soon realized that I couldn't sell the car in my state without a safety inspection that was under 60 days old, or the ability of the buyer to obtain said inspection after buying the car, and it wouldn't pass inspection with that crushed left brake light bank. So I took the ad down and was seriously contemplating junking it...but then this COVID thing happened.

In the meantime, I ended up getting a used light bank on ebay, taking a hammer to the area until I could just fit it on, and I got the trunk to start closing again. The pull down still works fine...turns out that some of the inner trim was deformed by the impact and was holding the pull down switch in the down position. Cutting away that bit of trim solved the issue. I also had to sawzall a bit of the front bumper wheel well plastic away so the wheel could turn without rubbing, did a rudimentary fix of the bumper hole and JB welded the missing trim back on. It's far from cosmetically perfect (obviously) but it's now legal, everything still works mechanically and the car runs beautifully, especially since I replaced the plugs and wires as it was starting to misfire.

It's a good thing too because a few weeks ago, I got in yet another rear ender accident with my new car, an '08 Buick Lucerne CXS (complete with This time it was my fault, but a slow (maybe 15 mph impact) shattered the grill, right headlight bank, cracked the bumper fascia, bent the hood, and worst of all, punctured the radiator on the Buick. The Eldo would've taken the same hit with probably minor bumper damage only, I'm sure. Anyways, the Buick wasn't totalled out, luckily, but it turns out the darn CXS-specific front bumper fascia is hard as hell to find and after being shipped the wrong bumper three times, the repair shop's waiting on the correct one to be shipped directly from GM, which they're telling me could take up to a month...again due to the COVID thing. Ugh.

Anyways, luckily I've still got my Eldorado. And I won't be selling it anytime soon, even it looks like a total hooptie-lac now, if only because try as The Universe might to kill it (first with the HG failure, then with a cracked block, and now this)... it just won't die.

(now watch it die soon. Lol)
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