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The 34th annual "Back To The Fifties"! Pre 1965 car show..PICS!

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So this is where I spent my Friday morning, and probably where I'll spend my Sunday afternoon. This is Minnesota's largest car show, new or classic...I think they said this year they were expecting 11,000 this year. It takes place at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, and there's really no parking spots available anywhere in the fairgrounds, the cars are parked pretty much bumper to bumper everywhere, even on lawns and stuff. There is literally no parking anywhere when they get 'em all in, and the MN fairgrounds are a very large chunk of land right outside of downtown St. Paul!

The majority of the cars were GM, and the most of those were Chevy, either in the 55-57 format, or the 59-64 format. Not a lot of '58 Chevs, atleast in comparison with the other main styles. This year there were a surprising number of Caddys though, the majority of those were '60-'62s and a few '59s. But I'd have to say that my favorite cars that I saw were the '59 Oldsmobiles and '59 Buicks...probably the Olds more. I was dying to see a '57 Chrysler or a '58 Lincoln, but I didn't see any of those. Maybe on Sunday...

And there's a place that sells car brochures there called PJ's Auto Literature. I spent $60 there on various brochures..and if I go back on Sunday, I'll buy more! :alchi:

Here's what I bought so far...
1996 Eagle Talon
1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse (what can I say, I like DSM's)
1975 Lincoln full line
1998 Lincoln Mark VIII (FINALLY found a 2nd gen Mark VIII brochure!)
1971 Oldsmobile Toronado
1972 Cadillac full line
1970 Cadillac full line
1996 GMC Suburban/Yukon

When I go back, I think I'll pick up an '87 S Class brochure, and maybe like a 73-74, 77, 88 Cadillac brochure, the 86 and 96 Fleetwood Brougham brochure (that was the only two years they had a seperate brochure) and there was a nice '01 Q45 one I damn near bought.

Anyways.... here's the pics!

1960 Series 62 Hardtop...very nice!

Look at that detail!

'59 Oldsmobile, not sure on the model. But it's a beaut!

'61(?) Continental

1961 or '62 Cadillac Sedan deVille.

1963 or 64 Riviera. Thank god for Bill Mitchell.

1958 Buick. Over the top. :D

Original '59 Coupe deville, even came from a MN dealer!

'62 Continental.

'60 Coupe deVille, great color.
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1957 Lincoln Premiere.....almost as cool as the '58s. That car's probably got the most slanted tail fins there.

Another '58 Buick!

'63(?) Imperial Crown Hardtop Sedan

Buh buh buh bad to the bone! '58 Belvedere sedan...Christine's sister. This was the ONLY 57-60 Plymouth I saw there!

Another 63-64 Riviera, one of the best looking Buicks ever.

'58 Bentley, couldn't get a good pic of the entire car. It had one of the coolest speedos ever...0 was at 12 o'clock, and it worked it's way clockwise and the dial had a full 360* rotation

Shortened VW bus, Gary, I don't think this could have passed your car so easily! :D

'55(?) Buick. Badass grille.
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1951ish Hudson Hornet

"Twin H-Power"...this was from that Hornet

Either a '59 or '60 Imperial...very cool!

The Islams have their Mecca, I have this.

There must be 15,000 brochures here, dating back as early as 1905, from any manufacturer, no matter how obscure or what equipment, cars, trucks, semi trucks, heavy duty machinery. I love this place!

'59 Sedan deVille

1935 Auburn Supercharged

1959 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. Probably my favorite car at the show.

1959 Buick

1959 Pontiac Bonneville Sedan. GM really had it going in 1959!

'64 Cadillac Hearse. Dope, this is all you.

'61 or '62 Coupe deVille

93-96 FWB I spotted in the parking lot. I need one of these.

That is all. For now. :D
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The white IMPERIAL is a 1964 Crown 4-Dr. Hardtop.
The white IMPERIAL is a 1964 Crown 4-Dr. Hardtop.

Didn't the same guy who designed the 61 Continental do some of the '60s Imperials too? Was his name Elwood Engel or Virgil Exner?
I hate you for posting the Lincoln pics. I MISS my '66 Coupe. Damnitt. I also had a '59, so if ya find one of them, take some good pics for me!!!
Great pics, Chad. I would have loved to have seen all those great cars. The two Cadillacs that you said were either 61 or 62 are 61. Basically, Cadillac took the taillights from the 60 model and turned them sideways for 61. And the Pontiac is a 60.

Pretty impressive to see two '58 Buicks at a show, especially in the Snow Belt.

BTW, I got to drive my brother-in-law's 55 Oldsmobile 88 last night after he arrived in Oregon and got it off the trailer. Very cool car, and fun to drive, even without power steering or brakes. I just need to get some pictures.
That 62 Continental is too cool. Don't those old Lincons have suicide doors?
Elwood Engel is correct.
That 2nd Imperial (black 2-dr.) is not a "59 or 60"
but rather a 1958 !

Didn't you take a pic of that 1956 Crown Victoria in Pink & white ????
'64 Cadillac Hearse. Dope, this is all you.
Aww, you think of me.....
Yea, the lincolns from 61-68-ish were suicide doors. I had a '66 two door with the monster 462ci. :(
Dare i say that the Chrysler Imperial is the ugliest car i have EVER seen. Hands down hideous. A face and rear no mother could love. That car makes my bowells ache.

:thepan: :hide: at Sandy

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Great pics, Chad!! That Olds is a 98 4-window ht, I think. Too bad the 58 Buick wasn't a Limited. Chrome overdose!!! :)

Sandy's gonna hit you for calling the Imperial a Chrysler!!!
...And...furthermore...I disagree! That black Imperial is one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen!
Great pics, great eyes.:thumbsup:
Everytime i see your avatar i literally laugh out loud. Everytime without fail.
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Too bad the 58 Buick wasn't a Limited. Chrome overdose!!! :)
Harley Earl was pretty much running amuck with the chrome in '58. Buick and Oldsmobile got the most.

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Awesome pictures.

I too am not very fond of the Imperial styling... then again I don't really like the 60's Contientials that much, atleast the nose/grille.

That Hudson Hornet is sweet, I have a thing for those... Twin H-Power....

I think that origanal '59 Caddy is awesome... that, to me, is what it should all be about. That car is used, not showroom new clean and restored, but still in very good shape and around to tell the story, blemished paint, rust chips, hazy chrome and all, its been there, done that and still coming back to the shows. That is awesome.

I really want to get a 50's car some day... I've always like '55 Coupe DeVille hardtops.... kinda torn between a 50's car or a late 60's car... I think ultimately I would end up with a 50's car though... seems more rewarding.

Today while driving back from Florida I saw a ~'52ish Sedan DeVille coming the otherway on I-75.... man it was awesome to see on the road.
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